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And in the beginning…

September 1, 2009

To begin, I must say that my political inspiration at the moment is Glenn Beck. His passion for his beliefs is amazing and I hope to follow that passion in my blog.

Anyway, to begin. Today I attended a local conservative meeting in my area and to my surprise it didn’t strike me as an “underground” movement in any way. It was so open and inviting and I felt the power of the movement resonating throughout the room. It made me realize that I shouldn’t have to hide my true beliefs any more. Why should I? Nothing, not even liberal bias should stand in my way.

I’ll proudly stand by the fact that I truly believe America is heading into socialism and a government-controlled nation. Rise up America, rise up! We need to stand on the principles of our forefathers and cling to the principles of the Constitution (or cling to “our guns and religion” as our president puts it). This great document was not written to be torn down and rejected. It was made to ensure the rights of all and to protect the country as a whole, not destroy it! We should be proud to be Americans and not disgraced. Where is the patriotism anymore (which will be the title of my next post)?

Lastly, fellow Americans and conservatives, my challenge for you this week is to proclaim your citizenship and let the chant “USA” ring thoroughout the country, even in the most liberal of times.


Yet another typical white person clinging to her guns and religion

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