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October 3, 2009

This story has gotten little media attention, so I though I would enlighten my readers. Recently at Saint Louis University, David Horowitz was invited to speak by conservative groups on campus. Unfortunately, the Dean of Students banned Horowitz from speaking because he believes that Horowitz’s speech was too controversial in nature.

What has happened to free speech? Saint Louis University is a Jesuit University whose mission is to bring to light as many different viewpoints as possible. Why shut out the conservative ones. Even other Jesuit schools such as Loyola and Georgetown have allowed Horowitz to speak, and he has never been banned by a college before. What happened? What is wrong with giving students opportunities to listen to different points of view?

In a world where young children are indoctrinated to sing songs about President Obama (the original song was about Jesus), why is it that free speech is being restricted? I know that there are obviously restrictions to free speech when such speech can be harmful to those listening, but aren’t college students old enough to make up their own minds? College is a time for exploration and great change. Change does not occur when only specific messages are available to students.

Now I know that a Private University such as Saint Louis University has every right to turn away speakers, but only rarely. They have allowed Holocaust deniers to speak in the past! David Horowitz is an accomplished writer and political pundit who has appeared on countless news casts. I’m not saying that such acts qualify him to speak, but I am saying that he is respected in the political world. He’s not someone you would find preaching the end of the world on a street corner.

So to wrap up, I thought I’d just get that out there for everyone to hear. Please don’t be silent in your beliefs, speak out (peacefully of course) and let your views be known. Live your life around the principle of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!”


Yet Another Typical White Person


And so it begins…

September 24, 2009

That’s all I have to say about that…

What happened to our right to protest?

September 16, 2009

Because of recent events, I’ve decided to postpone my post about patriotism for at least a week or so. Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up!

Of course by now, most of you have heard about Joe Wilson’s outburst at Obama’s health care speech this past week. The media has erupted in outrage. Although Rep. Wilson can thank Kanye West for stealing some of the controversy these past few days. Wilson’s statement might have crossed the line, but Conservatives like the representative and all of the loyal Conservatives potenially reading this post have many reasons to be upset. We tried to protest peacefully through tea parties and ralleys, but were in turn called rednecks and racists. What has this country become?

We are not only allowed to protest according to the Constitution, we are required to do so if a situation arises in which our guaranteed rights are being trampled upon. In a time such as this, our rights are not only being trampled upon, they are being revoked. Not only are we not allowed to protest, we might soon not be able to choose our own medical care.

Our right to choose our own medical practitioners should be a guaranteed right, not a decision to be made by the government because of convenience or cost effectiveness. Not only will we be limited in our valid right to choose (and on a side note, just because I say we have the right to choose doesn’t mean I’m pro choice, because I’m not, I’m pro life) but on top of that, we might have to pay excessive taxes for the care of others. This health care system is being portrayed by liberals as a charitable, “fair” system. The definition of “fair” has been greatly distorted through these discussion. Fair doesn’t always mean equal. And if they are so consumed with everyone being the same and having the same things, then why not have a flat tax rate? Common sense often dwindles as years spent in Congress go by. That’s not to say that all politicians are exact replicas of the stereotypes laid against them, because some are not. It seems as if many lost touch with reality and become distracted by the glittering lights of power and control. Anyway, I’m rambling.

I’d like to make my closing statements by tying them into my intoduction (come on, I’ve taken college english classes, I know how this is supposed to work). Joe Wilson has recently been dubbed a “racist” by none other than Obama’s presidential clone, former President Carter. Did Wilson use the word “black” or make any reference to the president’s race? Not that I recall. And since when does stating you beliefs make you a racist? If it does, then the definition of the word much have changed since I last checked. I’m not saying that I comment the representative’s actions, but I will not also say that I wouldn’t have done the same thing in the situation. When our right to free speech is violated such as it has been with the recent condemnation of Republicans at town hall meetings and tea parties, it is only natural that we seek to lash out in order to release our anger in a different way. It might not be the healthy way, but the healthy way of letting out our frustrations is being repressed. In conlusion, I’d like to say that I’m not a professional writer or political pundit, but I believe that I have a voice. I feel blessed to live in a country where I can let my voice be heard by those who wish to listen. Is anyone listening. Thank you for the brief time you have taken to read my ramblings and I pray that those reading, conservative or not, will stop to think about the state of our nation at the moment. The greatest thing you can do is remain educated.

Thank you and God Bless,

Yet another typical white person

And in the beginning…

September 1, 2009

To begin, I must say that my political inspiration at the moment is Glenn Beck. His passion for his beliefs is amazing and I hope to follow that passion in my blog.

Anyway, to begin. Today I attended a local conservative meeting in my area and to my surprise it didn’t strike me as an “underground” movement in any way. It was so open and inviting and I felt the power of the movement resonating throughout the room. It made me realize that I shouldn’t have to hide my true beliefs any more. Why should I? Nothing, not even liberal bias should stand in my way.

I’ll proudly stand by the fact that I truly believe America is heading into socialism and a government-controlled nation. Rise up America, rise up! We need to stand on the principles of our forefathers and cling to the principles of the Constitution (or cling to “our guns and religion” as our president puts it). This great document was not written to be torn down and rejected. It was made to ensure the rights of all and to protect the country as a whole, not destroy it! We should be proud to be Americans and not disgraced. Where is the patriotism anymore (which will be the title of my next post)?

Lastly, fellow Americans and conservatives, my challenge for you this week is to proclaim your citizenship and let the chant “USA” ring thoroughout the country, even in the most liberal of times.


Yet another typical white person clinging to her guns and religion